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West German Show Line Import German Shepherds.

To be Considered-Please Read the Following! 

To Purchase, Reserve, or be placed on our "Waiting List" for a Puppy, please call 662-233-4014 or 662-403-1766. You must communicate your needs, level of experience with a German Shepherd, environment to be provided, who will be the primary caregiver, number and kind of other pets, children, and other questions as Blackjack’s German Shepherds deems appropriate! All puppies are placed in loving homes at the sole discretion of me.

We are purposefully a small home-based breeder of
West German Show Line Import German Shepherds.

We Raise Absolutely Gorgeous Black&Red / Black&Tan German Shepherd Puppies. Placing our dogs is not something we take lightly. We feel strongly about responsible dog ownership and breeding. When we place our puppies we do so on a "contract" that protects the breeder, buyer, and especially, the puppy!

***OUR GOAL IS: To Specialize in Exceptional Quality German Shepherds for the Family. That will have a Natural but (SENSIBLE) Protection Instinct and the Ability to Use Good Judgment!

***IF YOUR GOAL IS: To acquire a Healthy, Happy, Well Bred German Shepherd Puppy; then you have come to the right place. Large German Shepherds, that are excellent in health, have stable temperaments, with high trainability, a ton of bone, huge heads, with strong fronts and rears. Our dogs truly reflect the way the German Shepherd was originally created to be. All of Our German Shepherds are considered “FAMILY” and live in a CLEAN TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED Environment with plenty of room to run & play. We don't just sell 'Puppies" We sell Companions. You will never have a better friend.
Our Boys......To be placed on their "Waiting List"  Please See Upcoming Litter Pg.
Our Girls......To be placed on their "Waiting List"  Please See Upcoming Litter Pg.
Our German Shepherds have many generations of well-adjusted shepherds behind them. We not only own the parents of the puppies we produce but know their grandparent(s), and older brothers or sisters, half brothers or sisters, uncles, or aunts. Our German Shepherds are Big and Powerful Exceptional in every way. Home protection all-in-one. We breed to bring back the old style heavy bone type. Loyalty, Drive, and Ability to work are complimented by their Striking Appearance and Sound, Solid Temperament.  Absolutely perfect with children and relaxed in the home environment. Transitions between Active and Passive behavior perfectly on command. Calm and very dedicated showing confident and self assured behavior solving difficulties on their own.  They have Pronounced Play Drive shown by high anticipation for the ball. Their Pedigree’s are a highly respected combination known for optimum health and longevity. Proven to produce Outstanding Character and Superior Intelligence. Needless to say, we know the temperaments and health of our shepherds very well. For this reason the Temperaments, Size, and Personalities of our puppies do not vary from puppy to puppy.

No one "breed" of dog is for everyone, but there is one breed that could be for just about anyone and that's a German Shepherd. It's known for its beauty and its brains, its strength, courage and its gentleness. It's a guardian of homes, a companion to children, a protector, and has the ability to use good judgment. There is little this dog cannot do.... He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion..

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